VP1501 VELPEAU Ankle Brace Stirrup Ankle Splint Adjustable Rigid Stabilizer for Sprains-Foam Pads Version
VP1501 VELPEAU Ankle Brace Stirrup Ankle Splint Adjustable Rigid Stabilizer for Sprains-Foam Pads Version
VP1501 VELPEAU Ankle Brace Stirrup Ankle Splint Adjustable Rigid Stabilizer for Sprains-Foam Pads Version
VP1501 VELPEAU Ankle Brace Stirrup Ankle Splint Adjustable Rigid Stabilizer for Sprains-Foam Pads Version
VP1501 VELPEAU Ankle Brace Stirrup Ankle Splint Adjustable Rigid Stabilizer for Sprains-Foam Pads Version
VP1501 VELPEAU Ankle Brace Stirrup Ankle Splint Adjustable Rigid Stabilizer for Sprains-Foam Pads Version
VP1501 VELPEAU Ankle Brace Stirrup Ankle Splint Adjustable Rigid Stabilizer for Sprains-Foam Pads Version

VP1501 VELPEAU Ankle Brace Stirrup Ankle Splint Adjustable Rigid Stabilizer for Sprains-Foam Pads Version

Foot: Left Foot
Left Foot
Right Foot
Size: S

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About This Item

Brand: Velpeau

Size: Large (Pack of 1)

Material: Plastic

Color: Foam Pads-left Foot

Unit Count: 1.00 Count

Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎10.7 x 4.1 x 2.8 inches; 8.78 Ounces

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Product description

About this item

  • 【BETTER PAIN RELIEF AND INJURY SUPPORT】VELPEAU Stirrup Ankle Brace provides uniform pressure and good support for the entire ankle joint. It is suitable for the conservative treatment and postoperative care of ankle fibular ligament injury (Grade 2 to 3), chronic ankle instability (Habitual sprain) and ankle sprain. This Ankle Brace will help you improve blood circulation, relieve swelling and pain, prevent secondary injuries and speed up your recovery.
  • 【AMAZING DESIGN & PERFECT MATCH】Unlike the usual Foot Brace, our design is unique! Left and right, its inside and outside plastic splint, they are designed and produced according to physiological curves, which makes the wearing more comfortable. The two bands are different from the traditional one-way circumferential fixation. We use a circuitous fixation to put more equal pressure on the joint. You can use the adjustable heel strap to freely adjust the tightness to suit various ankle sizes.
  • 【HIGH QUALITY ANKLE PADS】There are two types of the Ankle Splint to choose from, which are respectively equipped with 3D molded foam pads and gel pads. The foam pad is designed according to the physiological curve of the ankle and is made of three layers of materials that are hot-pressed in the mold at one time. It is durable without sewing edges, warm and breathable. The gel pad has better adhesion, good thermal conductivity, and it can be frozen for ice compress or heated for hot compress.
  • 【LEAD A HEALTHY LIFE】Our Ankle Stabilizer Brace is perfect for any sports injury (basketball, football, volleyball, track and field athletics, etc.). You will be able to enjoy excellent ankle support! Our Ankle Brace is detachable, washable and reusable. It is an ideal household life necessary product and the best gift for friends and family.
  • 【100% REFUND GUARANTEE】Buy the item with confidence! Either you love the Ankle Support Brace or get full refund! Just let us know what the problem is and we will take care of the rest. We highly appreciate all customers' opinions to improve the quality and service, also if there is anything you are unsatisfied, pls contact us for probable best solution.
Product reviews
Life saver
I have been fitted with a custom ankle brace that I wear daily. However I can’t find shoes to fit it well. I purchased this to have an alternative for other shoes. It works great and can even be worn barefoot. It is as supportive and comfortable as my custom fit brace.

very strong and comfortable.

Ankle brace
This brace works so well. I have a bad sprained right ankle. I fell and broke my left ankle in three places. So glad I found this. What a life saver. Thanks so much.

No era lo que necesitaba
No era lo que mi esposo necesitaba, no la pudo usar, porque su problema es difícil, pero si la puedo recomendar, es fácil de usar y proporciona seguridad en el tobillo

it work great

No Roll
I have MS and easily roll my left ankle.  I tried the Noodle but it was not comfortable at all and very expensive.  I can drive my manual transmission car with this very well.  It’s a little bulky but fits in a shoe.  Can also be worn without a shoe.  It’s very easy to put on as well.  Great value at $25.

Good support for walking after ankle surgery
Great product!  My brother had an ankle surgery and this device is helping him to feel secure when walking.

Helped me so much
Great comfort and adds much more stability to my dammaged foot

My go-to ankle splint for recovery period
Of all the orthotics designed to get me back on my feet this has gotten me through 4+ weeks of recovery so far with another 2 before I start rehab. It’s not expensive but it fits anatomically to keep the ankle together while allowing for dorsiflexion/plantarflexion to keep the joint from getting stiff while restricting inversion/eversion so the ankle can heal properly. It is comfortable enough to sleep in. NOT for weight bearing.

Great purchase
Very happy

They are all different, you need to find the right one for yourself, this is mine. Might be yours also but you can't have mine. lol

Love this brace !
This is a great brace! I badly twisted my ankle and can’t walk on it. Wearing this brace for the first time and I was able to take a few steps! It’s extremely comfortable. I have no doubt it will enable my ankle to heal properly.

Has great support
Doesn’t fit in a lot of my shoes

Exceptional brace!
My Dr. Was very impressed with the quality of this brace at this price!  He felt it was better then what Insurance would provide at a fraction of the cost. I've worn it day & night now for over a week. & find it very comfortable I have a bigger ankle/lower leg even without swelling. So with all things considered, I deff. Would recommend.

Very sturdy and comfortable. Helps relieve ankle pain.

Great support!
Love my Velpeau ankle brace . I’ve had many brands , and this is the most comfortable support I’ve had . Great product at a reasonable price !

Great product

Fantastic stability
This is the only ankle braces I can use to walk I love them

I will wear it for years.
I will be wearing a brace like this for the rest of my life.  I only found out about this a few weeks ago, when I saw a certain specialist, after previous doctors didn’t help.  I wish now that I had found this several years ago.I have a particular type of damage in my ankle (inside of ankle, including medial malleolus).  Ligaments and tendons are damaged.  I walked on it anyway until I literally broke off bone chips, and now I only have 2 real options - Wear a splint like this for the rest of my life, or get surgery to fuse my ankle.  I really want to avoid fusing my ankle.Under the guidance of the specialist, I tried different types of wraps, soft braces, spandex support and things like that.  They helped a little, but the specialist told me that an air stirrup would be best.So, I ordered 4 different air stirrups.  This one was slightly more expensive than the others, but it was well worth it.  Of the four that  I ordered, including one that was cushioned with air (which I THOUGHT would be best), this brand is far and away the most comfortable, as well as doing an EXCELLENT job supporting my ankle, while allowing mobility.  The pain in my ankle which I have tolerated for 5 years is almost non-existent with this brace.  Today I am up to walking a whole mile again, when I previously limped so bad that I couldn't go a few hundred feet without immense pain. I don’t know why this splint feels better and works better than the others.  But I ordered the foam pads, and they are great.  Maybe they just fit me well, but it might also be that of the 4 air stirrups that I bought, this was the only one that came in right and left.  I got left, of course, since that is my damaged ankle.  The other brands are supposed to be ‘universal’ to be worn on either ankle, but that appears to be a big mistake on their part.Of the other stirrups, one of them, a more minimal one designed specifically for exercise, and about the same price, was the second best.  It was comfortable and provided support, but in both areas was not quite as good as this brand.  The other two, despite each being 'special in some way,' actually hurt me a lot and I am unable to use them.So, you can see that I am quite happy with this.  I find it to be superior to all of the others that I have tried.  And I plan to order several more of them, right away, so I will always have this particular brand, since it is such a comfortable and yet effective air splint.

do the job very well.
These braces stabilized my very painful ankles.  It's wonderful to walk in comfort.  takes a few minutes to get used to - i'm using them on both ankles.  But works.  need low cut shoes or sneakers,  Running shoes a little too high on sides.- get WIDE shoes' for sides. nice that they have separate left & right braces.

Awesome product
Perfect for sprained ankle

Good for EDS
These are great. I have EDS, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, and have trouble keeping my ankles in place. This usually causes terrible shin pain but these braces help with that.

looks like it will work
broke my ankle [both sides left foot will need some support after it heals,look like this might work

It fix right into my shoe and support my ankle

Stabilizes the ankle and easy on and off.
Works perfect. Can even sleep in it it is that comfortable

Excellent product, stabilizes weak ankle
This ankle brace has helped the individual greatly who has weak lower leg muscles leading to ankle instability and foot drop.  He walks much better and no longer is tripping from his foot drop.  He is very satisfied with the benefits provided him by it.  Thank you!

Great product for the price Kept my ankle from further damages.

N. 1 👑✌

Great product, better than custom made
Got this for my sister who has MS and can't keep her foot stable. She has a $1500 custom made, full leg brace and uses this instead. This keeps her foot straight, is light enough so she can still use her leg, and doesn't inhibit her movements. Only drawback is some heat retention.

Great support
works great it is helping a lot with my walking again.

Outstanding Brace
This brace works great, I love that it has memory form, it's works & feels more comfortable then the style that you blow air it.

Just what I was looking for
Needed this item and I am very happy with purchase

Se siente el pie muy estable al usarla.

Great product
Easy to use. Provides great stability for my sprained ankle

Happy ankle
It's doing a great job of helping the ankle not to roll. Very comfortable.

Finally !
Finally found a brace that I wear after surgery and wearing a boot for weeks. My foot still swells so much that during the day I must remove this, but in the mornings, I can put this on. Right now I lack ROM to put on anything with compression, but this will do the trick for a long while. This is well worth buying for stability and support!

Well worth the money
After removing that big black boot I wore this for awhile. It did what was expected and I would recommend it to a friend.

Excellent support for my tear in an ankle ligament.
Works well. Good support. Doctor recommended the brace to prevent rolling of my ankle. When my ankle swells, the brace becomes uncomfortable but after adjustment, the pain goes away.

Offers stability. Fits as expected.
Well made

Bulky But Sturdy
I sometimes need to ‘shoehorn’ when wearing it with my sneakers, because the bottom edge of the plastic brace catches the top of the shoe. But once it’s seated properly, it’s comfortable. I use it when mowing uneven property and hiking.

Good brace
Brace helped me as I healed up from a motorcycle accident.

Worked surprisingly well. Easy to use and comfortable.
I have  a degenerative Achilles tendon.  Many micro tears and very weak. This brace worked surprisingly well,  giving support.  Easy to use and comfortable.

Worked great

Great price
Great product

Comfortable, great support for ankle
Works very good

Great support
Great product. I twisted my ankle super bad. And this keeps it in place so it can heal.Nice quality.

comfortable and sturdy
I took off my hard cast and boot but I felt my ankle was still weak when walking. This ankle brace is light weight, cushioning on both sides, fits well, feels very comfortable with adjustable Velcro strap, happy with it. Price is a bit high. Should be around $19.99


Beats air splints by a lot, 0 to 10 this splint is a 10
Purchased for a friend who broke both bones is just above ankle. Friend was having trouble with air type saddle splint. This purchase solved most of my friends problems and is constant wearer,  because it fits better and is comfortable.

Thank you!
Ankle brace is perfect!

They fit inside my shoe that helped me move from a boot to a brace.

Great support for a sprained ankle!
I sprained my ankle from playing tennis and i'm just now able to put pressure on it after a couple of days. I got this in the mail and I was very pleased. This ankle brace has wonderful support and had no issues fitting ( I did a medium and I'm a size 10/1/2-11). Great customer service with a note inside the package. I would highly recommend this product if you're recovering from an ankle injury and need that support.

item was advertised accurately.
see above. excellent item.

Saved my dancer for competition
The Valpeau ankle brace was a life saver to allow her to dance with a healing ankle sprain at a dance competition.  I was very thankful I ordered it.

Damage to ankle ligament
When the doctors did nothing to help this was a God send. Only worked with my Dansko shoes but it helped me keep working.

Husband Very Pleased!!!
I purchased this for my husband who suffered a sever compound fracture.  It helps beautifully with giving wonderful support to his ankle.  I'm going to purchase a second one so he has a spare.

Great braces
I ordered this product to hopefully help my sons drop foot. I’m afraid they won’t work. I’d like to return them.

This ankle support brace works!
I purchased two other ankle support braces that were a joke.  I finally found this Velpeau stirrup ankle splint for a sprain and it is great!

Quality product!
Fits comfortably.  Offers good stability and protection while still allowing you to wear regular shoes.

adds stability
This brace works very well to protect the ankle when wearing house slippers!

Product description was correct
Arrived on time and used after a week in a air bootWorks fine

Healing from ankle surgery
I am please with this ankle brace.  This has worked as described and my dr approved this to use after I was able to get the walking boot removed.  I have to wear this for at least 5 weeks.  I wear a size 6.5 shoe and I purchased the teen size and it fits great.

Gives you the support needed while healing
Brace works perfect for the support and stability needed for my healing broken ankle.

Easy to use and life saving
Really helped me keep my ankles stabilized and supported when working a 10 hour shift on my feet. I never go anywhere without them. These are an absolute must for anyone with sore ankles.

Good for grade 2 sprain
Grade 2 ankle sprain. Brace worked well, it fit well despite having large ankles and calves, and helped with pain when I had to walk. I didn’t have shoes that it worked with so I wore slides.

I have had two very serious ankle surgeries and been through many ankle braces, this one is the most comfortable ive ever had, I cant say enough about the stability and ease of use , I can finally where shoes with my brace on and its comfortable all day, I would highly recommend this product.

Love my Ankle Brace!!
It fit's perfect and gives me the support my ankle needed. I can wear this brace the whole day without causing me pain like the brace I use to wear.  I love this brace!

I was in a full boot for 6 weeks and ...
I was in a full boot for 6 weeks and move to this until I get my stability back.

good brace for moderate to severe sprain
I found it easy to use and fairly comfortable after a severe ankle sprain. i bought knee high compression socks for under it for comfort and additional support. I am able to put it over asics sneakers. it is a struggle, but i get around and feel stable.

Functional support
Great product. Helping me recovery from ankle surgery.

This product is great
I have been wearing ankle braces while playing basketball for over 30 years and this is by far the best one I've ever used.  In addition, the seller is excellent and went above and beyond to make sure I would enjoy it for years to come.

Fits great
Easy to use and great service from shipper

Works great!!!
Works as expected and it really hels my repaired right foot.

what I needed
"In the past, I had such an ankle brace. Somewhere in the move across the country, I lost track of it. This summer, I again sustained an injury to my left ankle, this time very serious. Once my walking cast was removed, I needed something for stability that was also suitable for driving. Since I do not have a very large car, the floor space (even with just an automatic transmission) was too tight to allow safe use of the huge boot I was given. An ankle brace was the ideal solution so I looked for one that looked exactly like the one I previously had and lost track of. This brace is easy to use and fits in a regular walking/running shoe. It clearly marks the ""inside"" side and ""outside"" side to allow correct placing. Good product!"

Great alternative to a walking boot
Excellent brace. I sprained my ankle really bad. Doctor wanted me in a boot. I was able to use this brace instead and walk Disney parks for two days! Supportive and can wear shoes with it!

Five Stars
Works great

It’s hre

Five Stars
This is a nice, sturdy brace that holds the leg and foot secure.

This brace really helped me!
I’m using it for acute arthritis. I do A lot of jumping jacks  and off the ground activities in the gym and this brace helps to stabilize my ankle and keep the pressure off of it. I really love it!

Five Stars
While rehabbing a torn tendon, it gives me the support without the bulkiness.

Perfect fit and great support!
This product was perfect. Just as described adjust great to your ankle.

Very comfortable and kept ankle stable.

Great Support
Gives great support

Great product!
The cushion inside makes it comfortable to wear. It keeps and supports the ankle in place! Very good product.

Was comfortable and effective
"This was a transition piece I used in lieu of the ""Boot"" at night for sleeping, then to steady my ankle when coming out of the boot.  Was comfortable and effective!"

Very comfortable and more cushion than my white brace.
This brace is much better than the white brace the doctor gave me.  My ankles are small and I wear an 8 in womens shoes so I ordered the teen brace and it fits great.  I bought a pair of athletic shoes a half size bigger and it fits perfectly.

Nice support
Fits great. Provides extra support during the healing process.

This is actually comfortable for an ankle brace
This is actually comfortable for an ankle brace. Has a good amount of padding on it and its adjustable.

Five Stars
Great ankle support

Barry Could not rollerblade due to right ankle supinating. ...
BarryCould not rollerblade due to right ankle supinating.  This fixed the problem perfectly,

An excellent ankle brace
An excellent ankle brace...well made and the memory foam is comfortable as opposed to ankle braces that use the blow up stuff...this is a good one and the price is just right.

Great product has stopped my foot from turning on it's side. I have bad foot that turns over side very easily and this has stopped it.

My daughter's ankle hurt I purchased this brace and it ...
My daughter's ankle hurt I purchased this brace and it has eased the pain my daughter's live suffered the past few weeks.

Five Stars
Best buy, excellent product...

Would recommend - no flaws
Nice in every way.  Good design, materials, adjustability, craftsmanship, function, durability, and comfort.

Five Stars

Also easy to put on and take off
This one really works - Dealing with torn tendon and I have been able to stand much longer without pain!  Also easy to put on and take off.

Brace worked very well
I think this brace worked very well and it met my expectations. It was comfortable to wear and helped my ankle to heal. It did cause wear on my shoes where it rubbed against them,  but that really can’t be helped. My shoes were a bit large and flexible, so I was able to fit the brace inside of them easily.

Five Stars
As always an excellent product! Excellent service, price, communication, price and shipping.

PERFECT for my ankle and my gel cold pack inserts; Read about SIZING
"I was so happy to find this Stirrup Ankle Support Brace. My son ""borrowed"" my similar ACE brace that kept me going until I had ankle ligament repair surgery back in 2000, but never returned it nor could he find it again after moving. My original brace came with gel cold pack inserts I could swap out for the cushion inserts after PT or when I suffer occasional acute injury to my left ankle. ACE no longer makes the product. I was delighted to discover I can use the cold packs with this brace/stabilizer. They fit perfectly just as I thought they would per the product's description of the velcro attachments for the cushion inserts for each side.SIZING: I did have to exchange for a smaller size even after carefully measuring per the web page's instructions. Per the measurements and chart, I needed a medium, but in fact the small fits perfectly.BEWARE: I must say I am glad pictures for assembly were included and I had a clue thanks to my old brace because the printed directions are in some form of ""pidgeon English"" that would be funny if I wasn't so desperate to have the brace."

Ankle relief
Helps keep my ankle from turning inward.  Comfortable, but a bit too bulky for many shoes

Five Stars
works really well stabilizing the ankle

Five Stars
They did the job.

Very supportive brace to prevent ankle rolls
I just received it and didn't know what to expect, but I am surprised at how effective this brace is. I wear it with a sock and a normal compressions sleeve, a $6 dollar ACE from Walmart. I have had a bad ankle since I was in high school and it rolls very, very easily.1 FIT) They have one for the left leg and one for the right leg and it fits quite well. I have large, muscular calves, but an ankle that is just average sized. The foam padding is effective at making the fit comfortable.2 EFFECTIVE) When I am wearing this with Crocs around the house, it doesn't offer much. When I wear this with laced up normal height tennis shoes, it offers a LOT of support, there is no way my ankle will roll in that combination and that's my #1 concern, I am very pleased to have found a device that will prevent my ankle from rolling.3 QUALITY) Overall, it seems to be made of durable materials, the side stays are very strong. There are two pieces of velcro that are about 2 inches wide that are attached with a plastic rivet, the back of the rivet is the buckle the velcro loops through, the velcro does a great job keeping the brace in place. The weak link in the design is the piece that goes under the foot, which is attached to the large plastic stays by 2 thin velcro strips, though they held when I was testing them with no issue. It would be very easy to reinforce this with a larger velcro strap.4 VALUE) Not sure yet how durable this will be with everyday use, but at $23, if I get a couple months of everyday use out of it, I will consider that a tremendous bargain. If it lasts just a month, the cost is still just 80 cents per day.I will try to remember to follow up in a few months, I sure hope this holds up..

Five Stars
Simple very light good support

It helps
I purchased this for my husband and he says it provides good ankle support and really helps his mobility.

This one is good. Very stable and comfortable
This one is good. Very stable and comfortable. Help me a lot. Hope I won't use another one but will come back if needed.

He said that is good. Because he go to play goft always
I bought it for my father. He said that is good. Because he go to play goft always. Use this he feel very relax and comfortable

This product is excellent!!
This product is excellent!!!!! It helps me walk better with the injury I have. This product is definitely a great choice if you want to walk more comfortable with injury!!!

Country Manual Link
English VP1501 VELPEAU Ankle Brace Stirrup Ankle Splint Adjustable Rigid Stabilizer for Sprains Preview Download
Francias VP1501 VELPEAU Ankle Brace Stirrup Ankle Splint Adjustable Rigid Stabilizer for Sprains Preview Download
Deutsch VP1501 VELPEAU Ankle Brace Stirrup Ankle Splint Adjustable Rigid Stabilizer for Sprains Preview Download
España VP1501 VELPEAU Ankle Brace Stirrup Ankle Splint Adjustable Rigid Stabilizer for Sprains Preview Download
Italia VP1501 VELPEAU Ankle Brace Stirrup Ankle Splint Adjustable Rigid Stabilizer for Sprains Preview Download
Português VP1501 VELPEAU Ankle Brace Stirrup Ankle Splint Adjustable Rigid Stabilizer for Sprains Preview Download
Россия VP1501 VELPEAU Ankle Brace Stirrup Ankle Splint Adjustable Rigid Stabilizer for Sprains Preview Download
中文 VP1501 VELPEAU Ankle Brace Stirrup Ankle Splint Adjustable Rigid Stabilizer for Sprains Preview Download
日本語 VP1501 VELPEAU Ankle Brace Stirrup Ankle Splint Adjustable Rigid Stabilizer for Sprains Preview Download
Q & A

I used this for a fractured ankle.  It has gel pads that are on the inside of the plastic splints.  The straps were soft and very comfortable.  I would suggest wearing some type of knee sock to help prevent feeling “sweaty” under the splint.  I really likes this splint.

Yes, you can buy separate foam pads But you need to contact customer service to place your order for you

The foam pad is designed according to the physiological curve of the ankle. It is durable without sewing edges, warm and breathable.The gel pad has better adhesion, good thermal conductivity, and it can be frozen for ice compress or heated for hot compress.