Inspired by Alfred Velpeau, a famous French plastic surgeon, we spent decades to build with French professional protective equipment designers, mastering the industry's cutting-edge technology, and lead the future exploration of the industry.

Our company mission is to take the way of rehabilitation medicine development, create value for the society, and to fight for the cause of human health!
Velpeau values:
professional charity, people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation, the ultimate experience

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Six Core Technologies

Human mechanics design​

New technology materials

French advanced technology

Patent authority

Follow the legend of Velpeau

Aesthetic experience of wearing


FDA certified
advanced facility top-ranking testing means and stringent control procedures give the products high quality guarantee


Happy Customers

Elizabeth C.

Boy did this help my neck so much.....I was able to do things in the house and garden and drive.......with no problem at all, it does need you to get use it it but it is really good..........I DID NOT USE IT WHEN I WENT TO BED...as I have superb pillows for sleeping. Arrive in time....thank you all

Jared S.

It worked for my occipital muscle pain. I’ve been going to various doctors because I’ve been having persistent localized pain in the occipital muscle/nerve area. The doctors were perplexed and kept suggesting stretching it. The pain kept getting worse until I decided to get this collar. I wore it for only a week and the pain reduced by almost 80%. I still wear once in a while to get 100% result. All I needed was some restriction in the neck motion not the stretching as per doc’s suggestions. I shelled so much money on them and the actual solution cost me only $15.99. Unbelievable!

Dean D. US

I had a triple cervical fusion in 2003 and now my other discs are going out - I bought this especially to wear at bed time because I always woke up with pain and a headache...I have to say this product has made my waking up hours 80 - 90% better. I highly recommend this for cervical issues.🤗 🙌

Jesicca A.

I love it! I probably should have ordered a Large instead of Medium...being the velcro is a little short to attach well. My neck is 13 1/4 inches and should have fit well with a Medium size according to the chart. I plan to attach more soft velcro to the end of the soft velcro strip attached to it.

Katie S.

This is great quality for its price. It gives the neck great support, adjusts easily with the velcrose to loosen or make tighter as needed.
I would recommend this to others.