Choosing the Best Hernia Belt Truss

Product Performance

●High-tech fabrics, fits well but not tight the crotch, breathable and not stuffy sweat.
●Fixed firmly, it is not easy to loose and shift when worn for a long time. High quality Velcro, no damage to clothes, strong adhesion, service life up to over 300 times.
●The removable triangle compression pads made of medical grade polyester material, high elastic without constriction, close but not tight. Provides constant and mild pressure for a single or double hernia. And use Velcro for fixing, easy to adjust the position.
●Simple and fashion, open design, easy to put on and take off. It is quick and easy to adjust the degree of tightness by changing the sticking position of the Velcro.
●Does not contain any hard fittings, without any plastic buckles, more fitting comfortable. Better worn under clothes and during exercise and sleep.
●Without crimping deformation and not easy to lose elasticity after the long-term use.
●It does not affect daily activities such as going to the toilet.
●Suitable for men and women, teenagers, middle aged and older people.

Indications / Precautions / Warnings 


●Inguinal hernia.
●Femoral hernia.
●Use after and before hernia surgery.

●Do not use if you have blisters, erythema, hydrocele, injured skin, etc.

Instructions & Matters need attention:
●If discomfort occurs in using process, please adjust the tightness.
●Please always check if the hernia cushion is in close contact with the gap of hernia to ensure that the hernia contents do not protrude from the gap of hernia.
●If the hernia contents protrude from the gap of the hernia, push them back and adjust the position and tightness of the hernia belt in time.It will not protrude when properly worn.
●Please wear it 24 hours a day if possible, including bathing and going to the toilet. If conditions permit, several more products should be available for timely replacement.
●When the hernia contents are no longer protruding, but the gap of hernia has not fully healed, it should be worn for a period of time to be consolidated.
●Due to the difference of personal constitution and persisting wearing degree, the actual effect varies from person to person. Usually it needs to be used continuously for more than three months.
●Wash it with water before or after using, and put it in a dry and ventilated place at room temperature. It's reusable.